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if you keep losing sleep....

1 October 1986
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  • corroded_tears@livejournal.com
name: dani

age: 27

occupation: playwrite, actress, poet, puppeteer, crafter,medical student.

former occupations:music journalist, barrista, DJ, musician, audio engineer, public access tv presenter, session musician (violin, guitar,dulcimer and harmonica)

pets: 2 silver long-hair tabbies, 1 black&white american short hair(also, she only has 3 legs),1 orange tabby, 1 silver American Shorthair Tabby, and 1 brown half Abissian/American Shorthair Tabby.

education:Bachelors in creative writing (with honors)- December 2006 And a Bachelors in Biology/Pre-Medicine(with honors)- May 2007.

Masters in Poetry- May 2010

Doctorate in Poetry- December 2011

PhD/MD in immunology and microbiology-beginning school in fall 2013!!!