if you keep losing sleep....

1 October 1986
Houston, Texas, United States
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Escamilla Intermediate School - Houston TX (1997 - 1999)
Hambrick Middle School - Houston TX (1999 - 2001)
Macarthur High School - Houston TX (2001 - 2005)
University of Houston - Main Campus - Houston TX (2005 - 2011)
University of Texas Medical Branch - Galveston - Galveston TX (2013 present)
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90s alternative music, about a boy, adult swim, adventure time, alternative music, arthritis, atheism, bear and kitten, biology, books, camus, cassette culture, christmas, coffee, collecting, comedy, conan o brien, dark horse comics, dictionaries, doc hammer, drinky crow, existentialism, fraggle rock, genetics, george orwell, glowsticks, herman hesse, home movies, image comics, immunology, indie comis, indie rock, kid robot, kurt vonnegut jr, lomographic photography, low brow art, magical realism, marc maron, marvel comics, mountain dew, munchkins, music, nick hornby, nicotine lozenges, oscar wilde, pathology, penny arcade, philosophy, podcasts, poetry, punk, raves, regular show, saturday night live, silverchair, sketch comedy, sleep hygiene, smoking, starbucks, syntax, the venture brothers, tony millionaire, vinyl toys, warren ellis, weezer, western civilization, words, xkcd, ziggy
name: dani

age: 26

occupation: playwrite, actress, poet, puppeteer, crafter,future medical student.

former occupations:music journalist, barrista, DJ, musician, audio engineer, public access tv presenter, session musician (violin, guitar,dulcimer and harmonica)

pets: 2 silver long-hair tabbies, 1 black&white american short hair(also, she only has 3 legs),1 orange tabby, 1 silver American Shorthair Tabby, and 1 brown half Abissian/American Shorthair Tabby.

education:Bachelors in creative writing (with honors)- December 2006 And a Bachelors in Biology/Pre-Medicine(with honors)- May 2007.

Masters in Poetry- May 2010

Doctorate in Poetry- December 2011

PhD/MD in immunology and microbiology-beginning school in fall 2013!!!